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Welcome to the LDS Singles for Free Web Portal

Welcome to the LDS Singles for Free Web Portal.

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What Does Barack Obama Really Believe - Obama

By John R. Taylor

We have all heard about Barack Obamaís association with the unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. Obama has said that Ayers was just a guy in the neighborhood and even though this has proven to be unlikely, this association is not the undeniable, incontrovertible proof that the American people should be afraid of Barack Obama, no matter how much John McCain wants it to be. Even if Obamaís excuses are improbable or implausible, those who otherwise would support Obama seem to think that they are good enough. What is baffling is that there is proof that Barack Obama is dangerous to this country but either McCain does not realize it or is afraid to use it.

CNN, Fox News and every other talking-head in the media is trying to tell you what you should think, but you donít need them. You can make up your own mind. Apply simple reason and you can see for yourself if Obama has motives which he is hiding. Do this behind a vale of ignorance. No I donít mean for you to be stupid, (there are enough people betting on that,) but simply remove your preconceived opinions and donít try to defend your position. Use your intelligence to follow reason to its true conclusion. Donít take my word for it or certainly not the biased, condescending media experts.

(


Ethanol Nation - Politics & Society

or How the United States Can Become Independent of Petroleum Products in Three Years

On the other end of the spectrum from the "all we have to do is pull hydrogen out of the water with wind generators and solar stills and use it in our automobiles" crowd is a group of people equally ignorant: the naysayers. There are always people who will tell you that, "it canít be done" or "it isnít practical."

David Pimentel, a professor of ecology and agricultural science at Cornell University, is one of these characters. Professor Pimentel has published a report that says producing ethanol is more trouble than itís worth: 129,600 British thermal units of energy are required to produce one gallon of ethanol, but a gallon will only give you 76,000 Btus of fuel energy. In other words, producing ethanol results in a net loss of energy. The report can be found in the newsletter of the M. King Hubbert Center for Petroleum Supply Studies #98/2. Notice he isnít "shilling" for the Center for Ethanol Research.

There are a couple of problems with this line of reasoning.



Our Enemies Have WMD NOW! - War & Terrorism

By John R. Taylor
[From Dec 2004]

To those who feel it was a mistake to invade Iraq: you have failed to learn a very important lessen in logic. As a teaching tool, let me tell you how my daughter learned this lesson.

As a new sixteen year old driver, she was parking in a shopping center parking lot. The space she decided to park in was an angle type and it was angled in the other direction. As she started entering the space, my niece, who was setting in the front passenger side, said she didnít think they could make it. Well, my daughter thought she could. She kept going. When she felt the car stop and saw the white Toyota in front of her rock, she knew she had been wrong.

The lesson in logic she learned that day, and the one I hope my disgruntle countryman will soon learn, is that the consequences of being wrong is a factor of paramount importance in any decision. What was my daughterís down side. If she was wrong but continued on her course, she would cause an accident, damage property and possible cause injury, a relatively catastrophic loss. If she was right and could have made it, but stopped anyway, she would have to stop and back up, a relatively small loss.

(


Media bias dilutes faith and the role of religion - Opinion

Saturday, February 4, 2006
By Eugene Cullen Kennedy

Americans don't need separation of church and state nearly as much as we need to have separation of church from television, movies and the chronically superficial way that the entertainment media deals with religion.

The latest example is a movie soon to arrive at a theater near you called September Dawn. It tells the story of the 1857 massacre of 137 pioneers in a Utah meadow - with the implication that the slaughter was ordered by Brigham Young, then the head of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as well as the territorial governor.



We fund terrorist every time we turn the key - War & Terrorism

By John R. Taylor

You have heard all those who want to mind everybody elseís business scream about your SUV. How you should feel guilty about driving one because you are aiding terrorist and destroying the environment. Well maybe you are, but isnít it going a bit far when we donít have even the freedom to choose what we drive? If are willing to pay $50 for a tank of fuel that will take you 200 miles, I think you should have that right. I like paying $16 for a tank that will take me 400 miles better; of course Iíd like it better were it four or five dollars.

The problem is that we should be able to drive what we want and can afford, and not dirty up all our air, and help those who wish us dead. And we can. We may not do it, but it is completely in our power to do it. What we all together must realize is that it is not so important what we pour our fuel into, but rather what the fuel is we are putting in it. The gasoline we now use is distilled from petroleum crude oil, a resource we have in great supply, but not nearly so great as our colossal appetite for it. Because we canít supply it domestically we have no choice but to import it. The United Kingdom has a vast North Sea reserve and we import enormous quantities form them. This adds to our trade deficit and is therefore damaging to our economy, however the UK is our ally and doing business with them is much more favorable than doing business with counties and peoples who are trying to destroy us. But we require so much oil that we must get it from everywhere. OPEC, the Oil Producing and Exporting Countries, is a cartel of mostly Middle Eastern countries; Venezuela being the notable exception. That their anti-competitive practice of suppliers banning together to control the price of a commodity is unethical and would be illegal in this country, should be enough for us not to trade with them to say nothing of the fact that of every dollar we Americans spend on their oil much of it goes to sponsor terrorism and acts of violence against us and our allies. We are most literally trading with the enemy. The attacks of 9/11 were funded by American dollars paid to Saudi Arabia for oil.




My Powerful Memory - Georgia Life

By John R. Taylor

Once again my cousins have questioned my memory. Because they have puny memories they are awed by my great recollection. I guess I should say that they are Ďrecall challengedĒ, not possessors of puny memories; you know, political correctness and everything. But they do have puny memories. After much brilliant debate on my part I have finally got them to concede that I do have a superior memory. In fact, they now say my memory is so mighty that I can actually remember things which did not even happen. Itís about time they came around.

(


We Canít Drive And itís Killing Us!

By John R. Taylor

On the German autobahn there is no legal speed limit for most of its course. Drivers routinely drive 120 miles per hour and occasionally a high powered sports car will fly at more than 250. This is not news to most of us. What might be news to you is that you are much more likely to be killed on U.S. interstates while traveling at 70 or 80 mph than is a German driver on the autobahn. The death rate on the autobahn is .71 deaths per million drivers. On U.S. interstates the rate is .83 deaths per million.



Lancing Boils and Working Medicine or Physician Heal Thyself

By John R. Taylor

Watching my children raise their families, I have noticed that they carry their children to the doctor much more frequently than I did them. And as I think back, my parents used physicians much less than even I did. Now I, in no way, am implying or suggesting that my children use doctors too much or that my parents use them too little. But this has made me think about my childhood, and how things were way back then.

Growing up I was cursed with chronic lesions or boils. The things old folks back then called risens. More often than not, I had one of these painful and embarrassing sores someplace on my body. Daddy took me to the doctor a time or two about them, but all we ever got from him was a bill, so Daddy and Mama treated me themselves.

Mamaís idea about the cause of my affliction was that I had poison in my system and it needed to come out. I just needed a ďgood workingĒ. Her approach to getting it out was straight forward enough. She give me large doses of an archaic laxative called Syrup of Black Drouph; I, nor my computer can spell it, and it may have been drought, or something else, but this black, sweet tasting liquid had an effect I remember all too well. I think this stuff must have been invented back during the Spanish Inquisition for torturing heretics. I have read about some of the instruments used for that purpose and this tonic would have fit right in.

(


The Impact of Teachers

By John R. Taylor

The following story is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Teachers are the absolute most important people in any society and teaching the most important task. Those who go to a classroom everyday are not the only teachers. Parents are the primary teachers in all the history of our civilization. They have not all always been good teachers, many were not, and that fact is always reflected in the kind of society that results. Formal teachers play a very important role, be it in school, church, at work or where have you. Because of this they deserve much more from us than they are now getting, more respect, more money, more of a voice. It is not the direct point of this story, but we should never miss an opportunity to speak out for teachers, and we should commit our time, finances, influences and energy to making it a fairer world for teachers.

(


Choose to lead, Covey says

Ex-BYU professor visits with students, future leaders
By Jared Page
Deseret Morning News

PROVO ó As a professor of business at Brigham Young University in the 1970s, Stephen R. Covey made time to teach one religion class per semester.
In those classes, Covey regularly would ask students to take out a blank piece of paper and list down the left side of the page the way they believe others see them.
      That's called the "social mirror," he said.

Covey would then ask them to write down the right side of the page the way they feel God sees them, what he calls the "divine mirror."

Then at the bottom of the page, Covey would ask the students to write how they see themselves.
It's very interesting because usually about two-thirds of the people got their concept of themselves through the social mirror," he said.

That means only one-third of those people are on the path to becoming a leader, the best-selling author and

motivational speaker told an audience of more than 1,000 packing the auditorium of the Joseph Smith Building at BYU on Monday.

Most people get their value system and even their sense of identity from the social mirror ó that is, from other people's opinions of them," Covey said.

(


Stop the Beheadings!

[from Dec. 2004]

by Adam Armstrong

Although I have not watch the gruesome video of the murder of the Americans and other westerners by what has come to called Islamic fundamentalist, I have seen the pictures of the poor victims and their captors, and my blood has boiled. It is perhaps a very good thing that I am not the one with the authority and power to decide what this nation is going to do about it, far if I were my first gut reaction would be to announce that we would retaliate at a ratio of 7000 to one. If you kill an American we will kill 7000 of you. If our Joint Chiefs or our so‑called Muslim allies could present an alternate plan which would assure that the murders would stop we would consider it, but otherwise we would have bombers in the air the day of the murders.

(


A Common Man's View on Gun Control

by David Hewitt

"Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act of depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest." -- Mahatma Gandhi  

Why then does the vocal media seem to leave the impression everyone is in favor of a gun ban? The only people you hear on the news to support anti-gun control is the survivalist militias and diverse Hollywood types like Charlton Heston and Ted Nugent. It is my intention to give a common man's view of this issue and what I think we can do. I'll also give a wide variety of quotes in support of my position.

( Read More ...


The Names Have Been Left the Same

by John R. Taylor

You often read stories or see movies that tell you the names have been changed to protect the innocent. Well this story has no innocents. I know all the characters and they are none of them even close to innocent. Now I am telling this tail for the truth, though I canít really testify that I actually remember the events themselves, but I do remember telling the story many times. In the telling over the years some of the facts have gotten fuzzy around the edges and some more have been completely lost, and I think maybe I have made up a few to take their place.

(

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